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AnemoneAnemone 05 Oct 2007 06:04
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FAQ by AnemoneAnemone, 05 Oct 2007 06:04

While I'll point people at the web site, Air Marshals and Sky Pirates, I'll do my best to answer questions and fill in some of the background for the game.

I originally was going to let the players choose whether they wanted to be part of the American Commonwealth Air Constabulary or to be a Sky Pirate. But then I thought about it and realized that while being an Air Marshal is all well and good, but being a Sky Pirate, yarr, it be better!

Of course there are two choices even then. You can be a pirate or you can be a privateer. The big difference is that as a privateer, you are more of a bounty hunter, hunting down pirates and doing a bit of commerce raiding against the other nations in the area.

The game takes place in the Rocky Mountains area near where Colorado is now and the area is nominally claimed by the Mexican Empire, with border disputes between the other powers in the region: California, New Russia, and the American Commonwealth. It's a place of mountainous valleys and death around every corner, either from the pirates that ply the skies or from nature herself with her violent storms and landslides.

The players will get their own airship, based on the Santa Maria, and some extra cash to upgrade it. Except for pirates, you're not trying to send other airships burning to the ground, you're trying to capture another ship and make off with their booty.

So post your questions and requests here.

General Background by kedamonokedamono, 05 Oct 2007 05:25

Hi, I'm John, I've been gaming since 1976 and RPGing since 1977. I play both board games and RPGs, and I used to LARP, but I've gotten better. :-)

I dropped out of gaming for a little while, after I had moved to Seattle in 1992. I got re-involved in board gaming in 2002, and RPGing in 2004 with the SGA. Before that I was into the Sci Fi scene in Seattle, though I did RPG for a while with Phil & Kaja Foglio, James Ernest, and Nick Pollotta in a very esoteric version of Bureau 13.

Re: Introductions by kedamonokedamono, 05 Oct 2007 04:27

This is a forum started for my Roanoke game. People can have in-character discussions here, write fiction, muse about what really happened to the Roanoke colony, or anything else Roanokey.

(Heh - anyone want to start a discussion about "You might be Roanokey if…")

General background by Shosuro KandoShosuro Kando, 05 Oct 2007 03:47

Hi! I'm Sophie, an avid role-player since the early 80s. I love all sorts of games, old and new, table-top and live-action, and tend to prefer story and character development over rules and "realism." I've been active in the Seattle gaming community since 1999, along with my (awesome) husband Edmund. :-)

Introductions by AnemoneAnemone, 05 Oct 2007 03:36
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